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heyy i really like the spider-man theme but can i get rid of two links bcuz i don't need them. and i wanna make an about me page but it doesn't work

You can get rid of two links if you want to, it just involves going into the code.  You’d want to get rid of

<div class="spider2"><div class="ball">{text:Link 3 Short Title}</div><a class="fly" href="{text:Link 3 URL}">{text:Link 3 Title}</a></div>
<div class="spider3"><div class="ball">{text:Link 4 Short Title}</div><a class="fly" href="{text:Link 4 URL}">{text:Link 4 Title}</a></div>

Be careful not to delete any more code than that.  It will seriously screw the theme up if you do.

As for the About page, if you’re using a customized About theme, when you make the page you have to set the layout to “custom layout”.  See tutorial here.

Hope this helps!

23 Aug | 3:35
hi i want to use your new redirect theme but i dont have any clue how to do it lol. can you please teach me the step by step procedure? thank youuu :)

Which redirect theme are we talking about?  I’ll just do both :)

1.  The easiest way is through my blog.  Click here for 001 and here for 002.

2.  The easiest way is to click the "RAW" link (hover over “About this theme” — The link should be red).  When you’re on the page with the code, select all and copy.

3.  Go to the tumblr customize page.

4.  Under the theme display box, click “Edit HTML”.  Select all the code and paste in the code of the URL Redirect theme.

5.  For URL Redirect 001:

  • Select the colours you want and upload the pictures you want
  • In the “New URL” field, enter the URL of your new blog WITHOUT the
  • In the “Old URL” field, enter the URL of your old blog
  • Click Save at the top.
  • You can preview your changes by hovering in the preview window on the right.

6.  For URL Redirect 002:

  • Select the colours you want
  • In the “New URL” field, enter the URL of your new blog
  • In the “Old URL” field enter the URL of your old blog
  • In the “New Blog Link” field replace only YOURURL with the url of your new blog.
  • In the “Font Size” field you can select any number, and the font will change accordingly.  Make sure to leave the “px” intact.
  • Click the Save button at the top of the page

And there you are :)

Hey! Do you know of anyone else that makes redirection themes?

Here, here, and here.

4 Aug | 18:26
Hii! I really liked 2 of your themes but i'm not sure how to get the codes? (:

Hi!  I’m glad you like them :)

If you know the numbers of the themes (001, 002, etc) you can go directly to my pastebin, which is found here.

Once there, you can click on the one you want.  The code will appear TWICE, so make sure to copy it from the second one (it’s a smaller box, it looks more like plain text, and the lines aren’t numbered).

Hope that helped!

4 Aug | 18:24
im using your spiderman theme. :) i love it btw. but i cant seem to figure out how to put an image/gif in where you have your spiderman gif in, right above the description. please help. :)

I’m glad you like it!

Thats probably a mistake in the code (I’m human!) that I will fix when I get back. In the meantime, in the code if you find {Description} (in the second half of the code, where it’s all white and green text) there should be a URL in there that you can replace with the URL of the picture you want. 

Im sorry I can’t be much more help on an iPod, but if you’re still havin trouble I will be happy to help when I’m back in a week. 

29 Jul | 23:25
How can I use the hatter001 theme exactly as it is??

I believe all the defaults we’re set to how the theme appears in the preview. I can’t check for another week or so, but I will definitely double check for you then. 

If you view the page source (right click and select “view source”) you can find what colours are used in the preview blog. 

29 Jul | 23:21
Hi there. So I was looking through themes earlier and saw your new released one, The Candyman one, and I love it! Your themes are great. (:

Thank you so much!

29 Jul | 23:19
Hello, I have theme 001 and I love it except i don't see the customize and dashboard tabs in the top right hand corner. Other people say they can't see it either. Is that normal?

Yes!  That’s my fault, and I’ve just gone into the code and fixed it.

If you don’t want to grab the pastebin code again (and I wouldn’t, it’ll change all your colours back to default, I think) here’s what you should do:

Go into the HTML (hit Custom HTML on the customize page) and find

iframe#tumblr_controls {
top: 0% !important;
right:0% !important;
position: fixed !important;

and replace it with:

iframe#tumblr_controls {
top: 0!important;
position: fixed !important;

And that should fix the problem :)

27 Jul | 13:20
Hm Hello. I want to know how can I remove the title of theme 001?

Removing the title from theme 001 is pretty simple:

On the customize page (, on the left hand side under all the colour options you will see:

Simply uncheck “Show Title” and the title will disappear.

27 Jul | 13:17
can i make theme oo1 endless,it's perfect besides that one thing,or can yu update it to endless scroll please!?!

I’ll make that alteration to the code and cross my fingers… and then I’ll do a re-release and let you know it’s done!

24 Jul | 20:51