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Theme 001 has been fixed (again!) — the tumblr controls (customize, dashboard, edit, reblog, like, etc.) weren’t showing up, but now they will.

Theme 010 has been coded in its entirety… just setting up the preview blog left to do before I release.

And I finally got an idea for URL Redirect 002 so I should start coding that sometime tonight.

I’m going to be on break starting tomorrow (Saturday) for one week, but feel free to leave your questions or comments and I’ll hit them up when I return.

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HatterThemes’ To-Do List

24 Jul | 20:54


Spiderman theme has been fixed so you can change the sidebar image without going to the HTML.  Thank you to jeffersonhatter for pointing it out.  Sorry guys.

Update: Bug fixes

Theme 001 has been optimized for browsers that aren’t Chrome.

Theme 003 has been optimized for Firefox.


22 May | 19:09